Speed dating ice breakers

I love questions that are all about the kid because there is no right or wrong answer.Kids will take these questions and make them hilarious.Combine the pictures and have the pair come up with an appropriate name for their animal.They can combine the 2 names or come up with something totally original.For instance, have them draw the Christmas tree first. They must tell about themselves as much as possible using only one sentence. Draw one sentence at a time and see if the kids can figure out who it is.Once they’ve finished, have them add the ornaments and the star. Example, “My 3 brothers and 3 dogs like to listen to me play the guitar in our blue house.” Kids love playing this simple game and it takes so little prep that it’s the perfect ice breaker for when you didn’t plan ahead.You can create your own set of questions or use the ones we’ve provided for you.

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Just make sure you have around 10 items on the tray.😉 Pass around a bowl of skittles and allow each kid to grab only 1.Then go around the room and have them answer the question that coordinates with the color of Skittle they chose.But with our 15 simple ice breakers for kids, they won’t have to worry anymore.Once they play these fun games, they will start to relax and let their guard down. Speed dating was a HUGE thing in the 90’s but thankfully the Internet stepped in and now we don’t need to take turns “dating” people in real life.

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