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Daniel, a 23-year-old living in Philadelphia, thinks that ghosting can often be due to a situational occurrence, rather than a blatant disinterest in the ghostee. I was just finishing my freshman year of college and was 19 and immature.I met a girl at school who I actually was super into.They want to avoid an uncomfortable situation, and sometimes (mistakenly) think it’s less hurtful to ghost than to share their truth.” As for how to handle being ghosted, Russo says the key is to keep your cool.“If you really feel the need for closure, you can reach out to the person afterward and ask for an explanation in a calm and collected way.

C: She started to get really clingy and talk about our future, after only knowing each other for a month or two.

While ignoring someone entirely may, in fact, be easier than giving the person an actual explanation of your disinterest, is it really the best route to take? MMU: How long were you seeing the person before you decided to ghost her?

Christian, a 24-year-old living in Chicago, thinks it can be in certain cases. C: I actually met her on Tinder, and we hung out a few times. C: I did run into her at a bar that we both went to frequently.

Ghosting has become so prevalent than many people I talk to, including myself, often have no, or very low, expectations when it comes to meeting a new person.

If relationships are supposedly built on communication, then why do people ghost?

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