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That is not mood lightning, unless the mood is “getting sunburnt in places that were never meant to see the sun”. Circumcision, if your gaze happens to wander in that direction. But once you get past idle curiosity or arousal (or medical examination), the main reason why we want to see somebody naked is because that signals a level of access to them that not everybody gets.

So is nothing more than an extremely thin excuse to have a bunch of extremely naked people wandering around on a beach each week? It’s a sign of closeness – you want to know what someone you’re attracted to looks like naked because you want to be somebody who gets to see them naked.

It does offer insight into the kind of person you’re getting involved with, something that cuts right to the core of who they are and whether you want to get involved with them.

Even if that’s all you learn about them from seeing them naked, it’s something definitely worth knowing.

Of course not (though would it be such a bad thing if it was? Obviously seeing someone naked can tell you a lot about them. The only thing being naked in front of a stranger on a reality TV show says about you is that you’re willing to get naked in front of a stranger on the telly.

And let’s be honest, that kind of thing is pretty important to know up front (*cough*).

There are lots of people in at least reasonably happy relationships based on not intentionally seeing each other naked outside of dark rooms, and especially not seeing each other naked outdoors in the harsh light of noon on a tropical island.

Isn't nudity really a way of hiding our true selves? Once you get past all the fun of ogling the completely and totally naked contestants on the desert island dating show clothing, the would-be lovers can get at the “naked truth” about each other.

Without clothes to hide their flaws, the logic runs, they’re each forced to deal with each other as they truly are – thereby forging a richer, deeper bond.

Why does taking that vital method of personal display away from someone magically reveal more about them?

What happens if you go on a big nude date with someone you think you’re making a real connection with, then the moment it’s time to get dressed they slip on a footy jumper –and you hate sport?

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