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She is quite mean to the Lyoko Warriors, particularly Yumi (for also loving Ulrich). Her only two "friends" before the series concluded were Herb and Nicholas. Awakens, Sissi is yet again trying to do just this.

However, she has been known to act nicer toward them and even assist them on a number of occasions, particularly in Seasons 2 and 4. Herb is actually in love with Sissi; he even modeled his robot (Iron Sissi) after her, but she hated it because it looked extremely ugly. However, when Ulrich doesn't show up that night, she storms off to find him, running into Odd, who is following Ulrich, who kidnapped Kiwi. A.'s attack, Sissi reveals the secret to her father and is kicked out of the group for betraying them.

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Elisabeth "Sissi" Delmas is a popular student at Kadic, the boarding school she attends and lives in.

She is a rather spoiled kid, being the daughter of Mr. Having such status, Sissi is often mean to others and is very nosy at times, but despite this, she has shown on many occasions that she actually has a caring side hiding beneath her bratty surface.

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In Code Lyoko Evolution, Sissi has a much smaller role, making her first main appearance in How to Fool X. In False Pretenses, Sissi invites herself along to a shopping trip with Aelita and Yumi.

While Yumi goes to help with an activated tower, Aelita stays at the school and bonds with Sissi a little, even convincing her to dress up in her clothes and a pink wig to trick the spectre on the prowl.

By doing so she is almost making enemies out of her would-be friends, instead of gaining any of their respect, much to her chagrin.

At the end of the series, in Echoes, she achieves this at last and becomes an official friend of the group, She is a major recurring character.

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