Sharia law killing daughter for dating

Brunei Reinstates Hudud [fixed punishments] for Sexual Deviance” (March 30, 2019): If you have had a rough week or are feeling down in the dumps, I have just the news to cheer you up.

The Muslim country of Brunei is implementing hudud [fixed punishments] to crack down on sodomites and fornicators! The Sharia [Islamic Law] protects all of our rights, individually and communally. That teaches the world that sexual desire — no matter how base, how deviant, how contrary to God’s will — is acceptable to pursue and, in fact, must be pursued.

But the defendant's attorney, Angelo Lenardo, took issue with that, saying the mere suggestion was "racist and offensive." To decipher a motive, the prosecutors may need to consult an expert on Shariah law, which guides Muslim fathers in family matters.

Mansour is a Muslim who migrated to the United States in the 1978 from Jordan.

This discussion brought the brutal reality of Sharia into the popular sphere, and this was a welcome development; chances are, however, that such discussions about Sharia will quickly disappear.

After all, Amal Clooney, George Clooney’s wife, has already been shunned and marginalized by Hollywood for her activism on behalf of Yazidi girls who have been brutalized by jihadists who were acting in full accord with Islamic doctrine pertaining to the capture and enslavement of infidel girls. Daniel Haqiqatjou is fully “integrated” into Western culture.

News Source Yet another tragic case of an Islamic Honour Killing, in which an innocent teenager was murdered by her parents for apparently being too ‘Westernised’ A Muslim couple brutally murdered their ‘westernised’ teenage daughter because they believed she had brought shame on the family were convicted of her murder yesterday – nine years after the brutal killing of the innocent girl.

The teenager, who was aspiring to become a lawyer, ran away from home several times.Rather, marriage, according to them, can be remolded into anything that society chooses: two men, two women, two men and one woman, three women and a horse, etc.There is nothing special or unique about the relationship between men and women that forecloses the possibility of LGBT marital options.The Muslim country of Brunei is implementing hudud [fixed punishments] to crack down on sodomites and fornicators! When rectum-sex enthusiasts are allowed to promote their gender-bending degeneracy openly, that deeply harms all of us. It is unimaginable that scholars and religious figures of any other religion would openly say such things, let alone be tolerated for doing so.Islamic supremacists have been superb in their ability to brand Muslims as victims no matter what, and to create among non-Muslims such fear of being branded “Islamophobic” if they criticize Sharia doctrines and practices.

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