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Of more than 140 on board, only 23 people survived.Penmon is classified for these purposes as being a "rural" beach and as a result the standards for a Seaside Award differ from those applied for "resort" beaches, which are expected to have a wider selection of facilities such as toilets and car parks.Penmon is close to the sea, thus making it prone to erosion.Quite a lot of the cliff has been eroded away, thus causing an arch to form under the cliff.The average temperature and rainfall figures taken between 19 at the Met Office weather station in Colwyn Bay, around 10 miles east of Penmon (and also by the sea) are set out in the table below.

The Bulkeleys also used most of the land for a deer park, and built the dovecot near the church.It has a large domed roof with a cupola on top so birds could fly in and out.(in Welsh, Ynys Seiriol or Seiriol's Island) half a mile from the coast at the same time as he founded the monastery.The author of A History of Anglesey, written in 1775, said of Penmon that there were "plenty of oysters, remarkable large, the poor find constant employ in the dredge, and in pickling the fish for foreign consumption." The Imperial Gazetteer of England and Wales of 1870-2 noted that millstone, good limestone and marble were found in the area.It also recorded that the population was 240 and that there were 53 houses, with the property being "divided among a few".

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