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Due to the file destruction moratorium then in effect, that Court Order was not brought to your attention in 1975. CIVIL ACTION NUMBER 75-1121 be maintained until further notice. stated the klan was paying- -in mrffif the name' of. 11 **k(\ : /'./v/; state of Mississippi, which are owned by klansmen, | j ~~| advised he did nof know the locations of these advised that all passwords! « y AMTN y^^'If ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ tw 12580 Dociti: 5916751$;' .

Due to the continuing litigation and current discussion regarding reinstitution of a file destruction program in the near future, you are hereby being advised of the Order of the Court in this matter. To insure that no files are destroyed concerning this Court Order, you should immediately prepare a search slip on all of the names mentioned in all of the referenced communications (including all serial references) and place a copy of this communication as the top serial in each of the applicable files. a sportsman ’ s •: 'Jr •'•; ;*• ' checks using an account under the name of a s por t sma n /s | \ or hunting club through a, bank at either Brookhaven or ^ : v V Laurel, Miss issippi . Page .86' .• ' •; , " ' will^t&| 5 ^^ ; .;- •• ■‘••t- ^ 4 *:?

- ' H who is a member of a Klavern in Hinds County, Mississippi, as an informant for the Jackson Police Department: A report . - New Orleans tec- 157-1995), -Vi; (2J- 157-1962 (WKKKK): V - 157-1994 (PRICE GRAY) 1 2 - 157 -ERNEST GILBERT 2 - 157 -New (JAY MORROW) 2 - 157 -New (JOHN Mc GREGOR) 2 - 157 -New (HORACE GRICE) 2 - 157 -New (A. Informant advised that the meeting was held at the Klan headquarters on Morgantown Road.

This meeting was of the Adams County Klavern which had been recently formed and consisted of the old Morgantown Klavern and the old Adams County Klavern.

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These files must 2 - Each Field Office (Do riot Type below this TTne T) /"searched ■j serialized (THIS FILE IS NOT TO BE DESTROYED in N LESS ADVISED BY THE BUREAU m t • 1 n ‘ FED KEEP AS TOP SERIAL WAY 2 0 1977 3 & F B I/DOJ HW 12580 Dodd: 59167812 Page 14 (Do not type BEYOND THIS MARGIN.) . " HW 12580 Dodd: 59167812 Page 15 f:pi A(b) ( 6 ) fai X(b T(7 )■ - (c) . the following list of individuals t® aim «r« confidential 0^mim dee© not desire his identity disdid^d;, Ibis '*§1 '"' — L ' M individuals believed to be members oft^Jbit© Mfte Ea Kina Sian of mmkm£m& *v/S0' (-3 Activities, |iauder! THE FOLLOWING INFORMATION IS TO BE TREATED AS CONFIDENTIAL AND THE SOURCES FULLY PROTECTED IN ANY DISSEMINAT- ION made. HELGESON of the following: JOHN Mc GREGOR is the Exalted Cyclops of the Kiavern 2 FOIA(b) (7) - (D) HW 12580 Dodd: 59167812 Page 81 NO 157-1995/b a P in South Jackson. Bolton or Utica, Mississippi, is a Provincial Officer of. 3 HW 12580 Dodd: 59167812 Page 82 ./FOIA^b) (7 ) - (D) UNITED STATES «30¥EE1ME1T MEMORANDUM TO: SAG, NEW ORLEANS (157-1962) DATE: 7/10/64 FROM: SA STEPHEN M.

Roads w^Ciniter Mewed at his residence and prior to being interrv: ^^e^he; ■ wa S; advised by; SA. tp/ma Re '-a' " statement ■ and that any statement ■•he ;;mhkb ;cc^ : id be used against him. He tas" ^yisei5o^':bis Tight to consult an attorney if he '■so' desired/, / '• V BYRD advised that he is employed as a salesman for the Greenlajvn Memorial Park Cemetery,, Morgantown Road, Natchez, Mississippi. Kiu^ ' Klan of Mississippi, nor any other Ku Klux Kian group/ , He said he does nbt know any members of the ^uz : Klab or of their past present ? -/He 'said he did not know any of the leaders of this organizafion and could not r,ecall how many members attended these meetings;. to the above, the following descriptive data, concerning BYRD was obtained- through observe t ion and interview / f . Date dictated 7/10/64 This document contains neither recommendations, nor conclusions of the FBI.

BYRD advised that his wife also, joined f his organ i- zat ion but that she attended only a few meetings and, Las not been too j'active ’ in organization. It is the property of the FBI and is loaned to your agency;; It and its contents are not to 1 be distributed outside your agency.

mmmm L : ;/ ; F0IA(b) (7 ) (D) coufid^atialiv (project 1 toent ityl on 7717/04 that lie ws a tom l ocated about tea mile/ Sort Eo FTlae Crossroa ds Gbssaiaalty to fiarl Ritel County, ilissia alfpl . ■ lie advised he goes to this farm for the weekend about one weekend out of each month. sure that with the increased racial ten sion in — Mississippi^ there i411 .ultimately fee- a group to the county, advised that if such' a group is-'fofp Ody' he feels that Pearl River uounty * J* P* WALKER undoubtedly will, fee, associated with the group* . if a klansman sees an and wishes to determine a klan finger in a horizontal position : his right in 4 ividus^ : £^ ■ - ' ’ ,.

| advised he has lived to Pearl River County off and on all his life, and 'stated he feels certain lie can develop more info to. t ''c v yj'**yy by signal if this individual is;| : i(j| : ^;:^V-;^^ member, he scratches the bridge of nose jht index finger in a horizontal position.

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