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I do organize and host workshops on personal development and there are certain situations which occur again and again — and I would love to have some cool sayings which I can use for those situations.For example, when a participant is coming in late and interrupts a presentation — this is always an awkward situation and lately, this happened during a workshop which I attended as a Imagine a book publishing company that is currently having legal issues, and you were asked to create a witty tagline for them. Just as reading and writing must be your favorite past-times if you want to be a great writer, to be a witty and eloquent speaker or writer, you have to practice being witty and eloquent.Having an annoyed conversation partner who doesn’t actually listen to what you are saying sounds horrible to me.A well-delivered wit is one that is brief and concise.For an even more nuanced breakdown, find out your Venus and Mars signs and read for those, too.

Humans have studied their own sexual proclivities for thousands of years — and at times, astrology has been incorporated into these scholarly analyses. According to the teachings of astrology, your sun sign is determined by your date of birth and represents your core personality.It’s no surprise that when it comes to sex, they’re turned on by impulsive, rapid bursts of passion that leave both partners wondering, These pants-dropping, skirt-hiking fire signs are no stranger to quickies in unusual places, so don’t be surprised if your Aries lover wants to experiment with sex outside of the bedroom.Aries rules the head, so ask your Aries partner if they’d be into some extra hair-tousling, scalp-rubbing, or ponytail-pulling — chances are the answer will be an enthusiastic yes.If you can express yourself in as few words as possible with impressive one-liners and quotes, you are more likely to pique people’s interests than someone else who keeps going on and on to deliver a point.As much as being witty and eloquent requires a great deal of spontaneity and being able to come up with things to say at the bat of an eyelid, you sometimes would need to have a script to guide you.

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