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No band will ever have the loyalty the Jam had because no band will ever be more in touch with its Fans and the Nation. A fine body of work with each album differing from the last.The ability of Paul Weller to create songs that illustrated English suburban life sustained their popularity, and continued the tradition of Pete Townsend, Marriot & Lane, Ray Davies and, of course, Lennon & Mc Cartney.THE JAM WIN HANDS DOWN BECAUSE THEIR MUSIC STANDS THE TEST OF TIME BETTER.ANYBODY THAT'S TRIED TO PLAY CHORDS TO A PAUL WELLER SONG WILL REALISE HOW TALENTED HE IS. But what was that comment about trying to slate the Jam and big up the Sex Pistols 'for never copying taxman' ?On record most of the output still stands up to listening and the diversity is still staggering.On an even more subjective note I always thought the Jam a bit elitist and aloof - too cool perhaps -whereas those nice Clash boys would always have time for a chat (and certainly Joe Strummer still does), were usually found in the bar after the gig and were known for helping the ticketless get in to the venue!

The Clash just thrashed away a few chords without any real quality. Today the Clash sustain me more, but it's the Jam that can put the dagger in my heart with 'Thick as Thieves.' Bless 'em all; their train was and is not in vain.

In 1977, The Jam, to a man, used to turn up to gigs in faded flares and change into their mohair suits, then back into flares afterwards.

The Damned were far better live than The Clash or The Pistols.

Lyrics to dozens of their album tracks are still embedded forever into the minds of fans who knew they had something to say.

Never before or since has such a potent force have had the balls to quit at the top rather than fade into mediocrity.

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