Sex chat girl facebook users myanmar

If you do this she won’t even bother reading your number, or copying it to her phone. Remember – facebook is used much like a phone number anyway with the increasing usage of the facebook iphone and android mobile apps. Pickup lines are great when you’re trying to get her attention and get her talking.

But you should choose the right pick up lines, it should be funny, something that will demand an action or reply, but it should not be offensive.

It’s like creating that magical connection with her. I’m sure that in time she will come up with something to call you. Tell her your real name, show her your real picture when she asked for it.

She will love it, and it will lead her to think that you’re meant for each other. After your first online interactions you can give her a nick name like “Sweetie”, “FBjane” or “Cutie”. That will be a good sign that she’s really into you. If you trust her enough give her your number and address.

If you are inferring something about her hair in a funny joke there is a good chance she won’t know what your talking about and she might take it the wrong way. Showing interest in someone’s personality makes them feel good about themselves.

When chatting with girls online you should show genuine interest in her personality.

To keep the conversation interesting and fun you can use smiley’s and emoticons.

If you get blocked you can’t chat with her anymore, you can’t even see her wall or profile. Plus she may have an army of girl friends that will surely get back to you. You can’t have a full hour chatting with her online, you are a man with obligations and private things to attend to.

This can either ruin your reputation if your nasty or become your biggest strength if you impress her. This makes you a little bit mysterious, women love mysterious guys.

They use this just to have something to say or just to be polite.

Instead say, you’re so funny or hehehe, it’s is more personal.

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