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Keep in mind that they have chosen your chimney because it is warm, dark, and quiet, so the best way to get him/her to leave is by changing what they find inviting.Placing ammonia soaked rags in the chimney and playing loud music during the day will discourage the Raccoons from taking up residence.For this reason it helps to have the cans stored in racks or tied in an upright position.Most native wildlife is nocturnal and thus usually feed at night, so put your garbage out the morning of pick-up instead of in the evening. Live trapping is an ineffective means of controlling wildlife in your yard.

Usually Raccoons gain entry into garbage cans by tipping them over.

In many ways, chimneys seem like ideal replacement homes for Raccoons who would typically den in hollow trees or logs.

This is a common problem for homeowners and a potentially dangerous situation for the animals.

Exclusion methods and some degree of tolerance are ultimately more successful and lasting.

Live trapping should never be an option between early spring to early fall.

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