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Here are some numbers that lead me to believe seasonal mating is not abnormal: — March is the month that couples are most likely to divorce or file for divorce.(The Atlantic) — Facebook data shows that people are more likely to change their relationship status to “single” during summer months.We are constantly identifying new ways to watch out for our members and keep them informed on matters of relationships, lifestyle, and dating.” It is one more thing to add to the list of dating challenges not just for plus-size women but for anyone in the dating pool.SDD is linked to a rise in melatonin in cold weather, which triggers a slower pace and a preference for snuggling at home, Li said.“That’s happened quite a lot,” Ashly said in the survey.“As soon as winter is over they show their true face.lists 14 symptoms of Seasonal Dating Disorder that can help you determine if you have SDD.The main indicator is the feeling of needing a partner during cold months but then feeling trapped in the relationship come springtime and heading for the hills every year for three years or more. I checked Merriam-Webster dictionary and it defines a disorder as “an abnormal physical or mental condition.” So, what if chronic seasonal mating isn’t abnormal but is merely biological?

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The important thing is to prepare yourself mentally and be able to move on in a healthy way.

The executives got curious and decided to survey their female subscribers to get more insights.

What they learned was surprising to me: Many women stated that they draw more admirers during cold weather only to be dumped and left heart-broken come spring time.

The casual term for seasonal hook ups is “drafting” (we need to add that to She Spark’s Dating Dictionary).

The season itself has earned the name “Cuffing Season.” But when does drafting become a disorder?

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