Sandra lee dating gordon

I felt safe there and I liked it." Her best friend was classmate Gordon Anderson.He was a fey young man, who shared many of Sondra's fanciful hopes about the future and was her collaborator in devising harmless ways to make their lives in Shelbyville more magical.

The movie was released in the summer of 1968 and earned respectful reviews from critics, although many filmgoers found the picture too arty.Locke was a cheerleader in junior high and graduated valedictorian of Shelbyville Mills' 1957-1958 eighth grade class.At Shelbyville Central High School, the "classroom was the one place where I felt like I had a chance to prove myself and I continued to excel.Sondra was Oscar-nominated for her sensitive portrayal.Next, Sondra moved to Los Angeles, with Gordon in tow.

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