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There are Russian Christmas cookies called Kozulya which are made in the shape of a sheep, goat or deer.

In some areas, children will go carol singing round the homes of friends and family and to wish people a happy new year. The kings would have found somewhere else to rest by now. They went that way." For a day Babushka followed the trail of the kings and the villages got bigger and became towns.

After the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991, people were free to celebrate Christmas again.

But it's still a quieter and smaller holiday in Russia after the big New Year celebrations.

Some Orthodox Christian Russians also don't eat any meat or fish during the Christmas Eve meal/feast.

Other popular Christmas Eve foods include, beetroot soup (borsch) or vegan potluck (solyanka) served with individual vegetable pies (often made with cabbage, potato, or mushroom); sauerkraut, porridge dishes such as buckwheat with fried onions and fried mushrooms, salads often made from vegetables like gherkins, mushrooms or tomatoes, and also potato or other root vegetable salads. It was Jesus that they found, the world's Savior." Babushka was very sad that she had missed Jesus and it is said that Babushka is still looking for him.

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To people in western Europe and the USA, one of the most famous things about Christmas in Russia is the story of Babushka. It tells the story of an old women who met the Wise men on their way to see Jesus.

However, most people in Russia have NEVER heard of the story as it was probably created by an American poet and writer called Edith Matilda Thomas in 1907!

I've had many emails from Russian visitors to the site who have never heard the story before! The house will have to be cleaned when they've gone. "I'll come tomorrow," Babushka called, "I must just tidy here first and find a gift." The kings went away sadly.

It's a sweet drink made from dried fruit and honey boiled in water. "Oh yes," said the landlord, "the kings were here two days ago. "The kings asked about a baby, too." When he saw the disappointment in Babushka's eyes, he stopped.

Vzvar is traditionally at the birth of a child, so at Christmas it symbolizes the birth of the baby Jesus. They were very excited, but they didn't even stay the night." "And what about a baby? "If you'd like to see where the baby was," he said quickly, "it was across the yard there.

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