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Of course, men and women in the city both have certain tendencies that probably don’t help with finding a long-term partner. If you’re going out with someone you met online, take the time to exchange a few messages and/or texts beforehand.But for the sake of not writing a novel, I’m focusing on the ladies today and the common mistakes many female singletons are making here in New York. Many women make the mistake of agreeing to meet up with a guy without any type of conversation – and then they’re surprised when they don’t click.I’m a huge advocate for an initial chat because it’s so much easier to tell if you could potentially have a good connection with that person.Some people will argue that if you talk to someone on the phone ahead of time, then you won’t have anything to talk about during your date. Sure, talk about your job and what you love about it. Nothing about work says “romance,” so keep the career stuff to a minimum, especially early on in the dating process.3. In a city where women are renowned for being intelligent, independent, and successful, it’s easy to see why NYC females may be more assertive than those from other cities.It’s great to have the gift of gab, but you need to allow your date to speak as well. There’s a difference between having high standards and being a spoiled brat.

Dating in New York City can be tiring, but if you’re going to put yourself out there, then make the most of it.— When I arrived at Spa Castle in Queens on a second date two years ago, I was optimistic.It was literally hot and steamy, and I wanted my body to be limber for the inevitable sex after. I chose to ignore the fact that an elderly man was found there face down in a hot tub a year prior. But my crush was cute and if all else failed, I figured it would be a fun story to tell our grandkids.Below, five women share their New York dating nightmares.I once dated a guy with a car when I, too, had a car — what a waste.

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