Rules of engagement strategies for dating success

Event apps are a great (and scalable) way to optimize and personalize the onsite experience for your prospects.If you’re new to events, there are lots of resources out there to help, including thi s great guide from the folks at Marketo: Marketo’s Definitive Guide to Event Marketing.When a prospect registers, use that opportunity to call and create a personal connection.

These practice models build from a clearly defined vision and set of core values and contain definitions, explanations, and expectations of how an agency will operate and how it will partner with families and other stakeholders in child welfare services.

That’s right, I grade content based on the level of commitment our prospects have to expend to access it. Remember, at this point, we’re still flirting; this is about introducing the event and piquing my overall interest. You want me to set aside the time, show up to the location of your choosing and engage in meaningful conversation with you for hours, knowing full well you’re only after one thing… The value of any content is subjective, use the insights you’ve garnered about my interests to tailor your value proposition to directly address what matters to me.

Some of the best, most successful event promotions are those that highlight the 2-3 things a prospect will get out of the content you’re distributing.

Why is it that in a world where it’s easier than ever to reach out and touch someone, it’s actually harder than ever to reach out and touch someone? You’re moving from the flirtatious text, past the phone call and cup of coffee, straight to dinner! Remember, that history extends beyond your universe – leverage activity insights to augment what you know about your account base to pinpoint the best current prospects.

I have a theory: while we’ve upped our game exponentially in distributing and measuring content, we tend to stop short of rolling those newfound, phenomenally effective strategies into our event recruitment and conversion efforts. What’s more: events are the highest level commitment content we can deliver. Generating commitment from a prospect to attend an event is the equivalent of getting him or her to commit to a date. Clearly you got my contact information somehow, and how you got it can give you good insight into how you can get me engaged in the event you’re hosting. For example, if I downloaded 1 or 2 content pieces that addressed the issues surrounding the deployment of a BYOD strategy, talk about your upcoming event from the perspective of the topics it will touch on related to BYOD policies. Ok, I know who you are, now I need to understand what makes you so great (and so different) from all the other events I’m getting inundated with invitations to.

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