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Even more so if we were to examine them under greater scrutiny.————- The Islamic Claim on Deuteronomy 18 “And Jehoshaphat said, Is there not here a prophet of the LORD besides, that we might enquire of him?” 1 Kings 22:7 (KJV) Claim: The Torah Itself Predicts Mohammed as a Prophet Many Muslims will claim that the Torah itself (apparently the “uncorrupted” part) predicts the coming of their so-called prophet some time after the giving of the Torah.All Bible translations are directly from the Hebrew, all of them literal. The relevant verse of the Torah is as follows: Deuteronomy A prophet I will raise up for them from amongst their brethren like you and I will give my words into his lips and he will speak about them all that I command him.Secondly, Muslim apologists will sort through biblical archeology and biblical criticism, each of which range from both ends of the spectrum, from supporting the Bible 100% all the way to saying that the Bible is 100% fiction.Once having done that, they present the material that is best suited for their purposes, never telling anyone what a hot issue biblical criticism is, or that for every negative view, there is an equal and opposite positive view.Taken into account with the fact that the Qu’ran quotes from Jewish sources such as the Mishnah (the legal part of the Oral Torah, committed to writing around the year 170 CE) and the Midrash (a separate part of the Oral Torah, dealing with extra details of stories in biblical texts, committed to writing around the same time), this “proof” of Islam’s legitimacy wears somewhat thin.3) Miracles—As with any religion, miracles are claimed.

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Among those works is the Moreh Nevuchim (The Guide for the Perplexed), which was written in Arabic to reach the largest possible audience.Maimonides had a brilliant mind, knew the entire Jewish Bible, the Talmud, and numerous other Jewish writings exceedingly well, in addition to being the personal physician of the sultan of Egypt.Jews have known Arabic, Jews have read the Qu’ran in the original tongue, and Jews such as Maimonides have been completely unimpressed by it (for reasons such as those listed at the end of item #2).Instead, I will make a minor sidestep into the world of Jewish thought.For those of us that do not have the presumption that the Torah is wrong and faulty, there is a list of thirteen basic rules on how to deduce meaning from the Torah.

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