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That’s not my problem- the frustration I’m feeling is with the really clunky i Phone app (which really makes for a cumbersome user experience), the poor customer service, and the doozy of a billing plan that locks you in until you beg for mercy.I’ve tried online dating before, both paid and free sites, and really liked it.By the time I realized this, I couldn’t cancel my subscription.While I realize that I should have read the fine print, and totally am fine paying for 6 months I’m not going to use, the whole process felt very scammy.does this mean my profile is no longer being matched or that I just don’t get those daily match emails? Why can’t I be an adult and take my non-refundable membership and put it in the “things I regret and want to forget about category” where I’d like it to go and move on? Why isn’t this more clear and why does this whole dating site in and of itself feel like a REALLY REALLY BAD DATE.I really don’t care about the daily match emails as much as I care about not being viewed by guys any longer.Most of us would like to be matched with someone within 4-6 months, so even if you are matched, which is what the site’s designed to- tough cookies, you’ve paid for the whole year.So, I falsely assumed that e Harmony, when they said they would bill me in 3 monthly installments- would charge my credit every 4 months. I had three credit charges in November, December, January.

Not really appealing, I have no idea why they do that for one off matches. Even more annoying still- any time you click a match from your email, even if you’re already logged to e Harmony and surfing their site, it requires you to LOG IN AGAIN, EVERY TIME you click a match. Who doesn’t love to login 3 times even though you were already logged in 5 minutes ago browsing yesterday’s matches? Hmm, my bank has a better user experience than this and they have every reason to fear getting hacked.I mean, if you’ve ever started a new relationship, you eventually ask your significant other “So I take it you deactivated your online dating profile right? Perhaps they’re banking it won’t pan out and you’ll be back before your payment lapses…that is, unless they have you for automatic billing which is probably why they don’t make it easy to delete the site- they’re just hoping you didn’t notice and you’ll get locked in for another year.Eharmony, you have my money, but can’t you just give me my privacy back, in the form of a total delete? You got my cash, I’d really just like to LEAVE now, but this really feels like I’m on a bad date in real life at the Hotel California.When I became single last fall, I decided to try e Harmony, thinking it would have more of the dating pool I was looking for at this stage in life- guys that have their stuff together and are looking for marriage-worthy partners. Everything else about the site and the service made me want to smash things. For some matches, you get this image- and you can’t tell if the person just hasn’t uploaded a photo yet (which why would I bother clicking through to a person who hasn’t filled out their profile completely?Ain’t nobody got time for that), or if they do this on purpose.

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