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--hippo43 (talk) , 28 December 2009 (UTC)Again: the burden of proof is on hippo43, and her friend "Bukaki Kid," to prove that some sort of demented "fetish" really exists.

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I don't think there are sources for all of these, I'm just putting in various combinations so people can either support or disagree with any of the various definitions.It's time to cease with the nonsense surrounding this article.the terms asiaphile or asian fetish seem natural and a part of common knowledge; and numbers of google hits for each of these are in the 150,000s and more. (5 failed nominations for deletion would suggest that there is an ontological battle taking place, here.) Or is it that, where slang terms are concerned, that means we'll find different words and usage in polite discourse?--hippo43 (talk) , 28 December 2009 (UTC) Your position on the study is already disputed.reverting and insisting on discussion amounts to ownership and frankly looks combative given that there is an open RFC, you already reverted it 3 times a few days ago, and you know it's disputed.

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