Racist dating guy

For the most part, they were regular, positive experiences that didn’t differ from any average relationship you’d see today.

Yet, there were times when the topic of race became such a challenge that we had to cut ties.

However, I forgot about her after watching all the guys eye-balling Sabrina and watching them shake their heads when they saw a white guy like me was her date. I scanned the room and at that time, I was the only white guy in sight. ” she said pointing at the table I was sitting at trying hard not to stifle a laugh. But he’s black.” “Gee, I hadn’t noticed that.” I replied. However, I am a gentleman, so I smacked her with my words. You come up to me wearing your Lulu Lemon sweats in a classy bar and have the audacity to think that we could make a connection by suggesting I would rather be at a punk and rock bar because I’m white?

“Actually I’m here with my GIRLFRIEND and my FATHER.” I angrily replied. Then you insult my family and my girlfriend, who is ten times the woman you’ll ever be by the way and expect me to go home with you?

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I used to assume that if a white guy was interested in me, he couldn’t be racist because if he were, why would he be interested in me in the first place?

I’m white and my girlfriend is biracial and besides the goofy nicknames like ‘Robin Thicke and Paula Patton’ or ‘Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens’ we get from our pals, we have generally avoided any direct attacks of ignorance. On Friday, my father, “Papa C” came down to Toronto to visit and to meet Sabrina for the first time. My girlfriend was happy that she was meeting my father and it was an amazing and peaceful feeling…that was until I suggested to go to my fave spot, While enjoying the live neo-soul playing on stage, I had excused myself to go to the bar to get my father and my girlfriend some much needed drinks. This girl was obviously trying to find something we could relate to–wasn’t going to happen. “Nothing is my problem.” she said this as she ran her fingers along my arm. Such a great looking guy like you being turned off by someone you could truly be compatible with.

Have another drink, “Penny Lane” and get the f*ck out of my face.” Before I could turn around, there was Sabrina holding one of the “Teddy Pendergrass-inspired cocktails” in her hand and she threw it the racist blonde’s face. We of course were kicked out and Sabrina and I never felt worse.

While we were walking to the nearest cab, my father burst out laughing. She’s a keeper.” With just those words, my father reminded us how lucky we are even if we have to deal with racist jerks from time to time.

While an updated study from 2014 showed a significant increase in preference for Asian men among Asian women, Asian males are still rated negatively overall by women of other races.

To test this, the folks at ZMDEA devised an informal study to determine the reality of the Asian man’s dating woes via a social experiment.

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