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He also appeared as Donny Crane, a character believed to be Denny Crane's son in the ABC legal drama-comedy Boston Legal.Prinze starred in his own television sitcom, titled Freddie.

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He also made a cameo on an episode of The Dirt Sheet, an online program hosted by wrestlers John Morrison and The Miz and had created an official profile on WWE's "Universe" blog community where he would regularly write his thoughts about the current goings-on in the world of the WWE.

Minneapolis native Rachael Leigh Cook began her career as a model at the tender age of 10, gracing Milk-Bone(R) boxes and Target(R) ads nationwide in the USA.

She also appeared in a now-famous (in the USA) anti-drug TV spot in which, armed with a frying pan, she bashed her way through a kitchen to show the disastrous effects of heroin. She divided her time between Minneapolis and Tinseltown, shuttling from school events to movie shoots with her mother in tow.

Prinze was cast in a guest role on the ABC TV series Family Matters in 1995.

He then appeared in a few programs and made-for-TV movies, before making his motion picture debut in To Gillian on Her 37th Birthday in 1996.

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