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After a week of seemingly endless bad news, I was looking for a much-needed distraction from the swirling conversations about race and gender and politics that had been flooding my newsfeeds and emails and texts for days. But he continued.“I tell ya, as a white dude, it’s been great for me.Not long after I started swiping, a man messaged me: “Hi, Maxine. I think I even get a free i Pad now.”Stunned, I wasn’t quite sure how to respond, if I should even bother with a response.According to our internal metrics, at least, Ok Cupid’s users are better-educated, younger, and far more progressive than the norm, so I can imagine that many sites would actually have worse race stats.

In same-sex dating “the prejudices are a bit less pronounced,” but the predominance of white men persists.

I think the existence of the Internet is a good thing, but I do wish people exercised more humanity in using these tools.”Rudder’s extensive research based on usage of his site also found a glaring difference between men and women when it comes to age preference.

Up until roughly age 40, men prefer their own age (women over 40 prefer men right around 40 years old).

“People online are free to act out their worst impulses with very little incentive to act out their best.

I guess it just goes to show how politeness or propriety keeps us decent human beings.

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