Problem updating iphone 3gs to 4 3

In practice, the phone feels about the same as it did running i OS 5—occasional stuttering and nowhere near as snappy as my current 4S, but still responsive to input in a way that the i Phone 3G with i OS 4 was not.

We also ran our standard suite of smartphone benchmarks on the 3GS under both i OS 5.1.1 and i OS 6 to see if there were any improvements or regressions.

Apple has been restricting certain i OS features to certain devices since i OS 4, and i OS 6 is probably the most confusing example of this yet, mostly because there are now many different i OS products with varying performance levels.

As the oldest supported device, the 3GS misses out on the largest number of features: it can't use the 3D Flyover or turn-by-turn navigation features of the new Maps app (restricted to the i Phone 4S and newer), Panorama mode (i Phone 4S or newer), or the offline reading list feature (i Phone 4 or newer).

i OS 6 doesn't make the i Phone 3GS any slower or more difficult to use than it was before, which should be good news to anyone who keeps theirs around as a secondary or backup phone—indeed, it's pleasantly surprising how many of the refinements and improvements make their way down to Apple's oldest-supported piece of i OS hardware.

However, that hardware has been surpassed so thoroughly by other i OS and Android handsets at this point that it's difficult to recommend it as a primary handset.

Others thought it had something to do with the processor running when it shouldn't be, also sucking the last drops of life out of the battery prematurely.

Apple even had people run special software on their i Phones to determine what was causing the problem.

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These numbers measure the number of seconds starting from when the app icon is tapped and ending when it becomes usable: Most of the results are well within the margin of error, with the exception of Mail, which consistently took around an extra second to launch.

The situation stinks, and I recall thinking *immediately* upon the i Pad's launch that the 256MB RAM was going to cause problems as a bottleneck before the rest of the device really fell behind, but it's how things are.

Well it didn't take long to hear from i Phone owners who tried the 3.1.3 firmware update to fix their existing battery problems.

One app that does change is Maps: on newer devices, getting directions from "current location" invokes the turn-by-turn navigation feature.

There's also a button in the lower-left corner of the screen that you can tap to bring up all the steps in your route.

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