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Kate Brown announced Friday that she has chosen Misha Isaak for a seat on the Oregon Court of Appeals.That will make him the second top lawyer on her staff, along with former general counsel Ben Souede, she has made a judge.Today, 4K is the highest commercially available video resolution for most screens on the market.Like HD 720p and Full HD 1080p, we will soon have Full UHD, which is 8K or 4320p, as opposed to 4K UHD which is just 2160p.That’s almost five times the quality of what was widely available back then!While Full HD videos are widely supported at the moment, videos that are 2160p or 4K in quality are currently on the rise.In the era of high resolution videos, we tend to forget that we have really come a long way since the birth of video recording technology.

That level of quality doesn’t even compare to what’s usually available in other pornsites.

Would you believe that we started with SD or Standard Definition quality videos that are 480p in resolution back in 1980?

Nowadays, the most common resolution is Full HD, which is at 1080p, while the best resolution you can get today is at 2160p.

If you’re streaming them instead, you’ll need a faster internet connection or else it would constantly buffer and load, taking all the fun out of being able to watch these videos continuously.

But given that those technologies would also improve over time, it shouldn’t be much of a problem upgrading to newer tech once they are widely available for consumers.

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