Pastors ten commandments for dating daughter

Nancy calls this first command of God’s ‘The Genesis Charge’ and says it is not an option.

How about telling anyone openly negative to your face over the size of your family, be it small or large, that it’s none of their business? Okay, I have to stop now as I feel my sarcasm rising and I’m out of coffee again.

From time to time, you may hear of clergy behaving badly.

There’s a reason for this: clergy are as human as anyone else.

Then Nancy delves into the Hebrew versions of the words ‘Be fruitful,’ ‘multiply,’ and ‘replenish’ and for once uses the correct Hebrew words and meanings, unlike her claims that ‘woman’ is a Hebrew version of ‘man’ with a ‘womb’.

We can find no place in Scripture where God rescinds this command.

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Daily life before big corporations and cubicle farms was work.The law of ‘the first mention; is important in understanding the Word of God.When God says something the first time, He lays a foundation for that truth.Knowing the person you’re going to spend the rest of your life with and raise children with isn’t a bad thing.And where does Nancy propose that the first two people on earth are supposed to travel?

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