Pantyhose and stocking fetish love dating

Also, if you enjoy snapping photos of youself in hosed legs, they really come out well with Danskins on.The denier is not listed but I’d say they are around 70.

From my perspective, I love how nylon stockings feel on my legs.

Again, they can ship internationally for those outside the USA who are dying to slip these on.

* * * I hope you try out one or more of my favorites for a treat on your legs you probably won’t forget.

Or worse, use the same brand they fell in love with ten years ago and haven’t caught up with the times. I won’t claim to be the genie for pantyhose fetish tastes but I have sampled a lot (including “playing around” in) and developed my own criteria for judging a pair of hose: 1.

Wolford Neon 40 These are quite possible the perfect pantyhose out there.

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