Pantyhose and stocking fetish love dating Free adult amchatrooms

But, let’s explore a nylon stocking fetish by those who love it and describe it as the ultimate in sexy.From my perspective, I love how nylon stockings feel on my legs.I find stockings by default flattering, no matter your shape, size, or height.Stocking and hold-ups - in my mind - only make everything you have better, and when you are my height, which is no height at all, anything that makes more of your legs is always a good thing.” -From “She’s Got Legs” by Molly Moore But it’s not just stockings are flattering, which, universally, they are.

* * * I hope you try out one or more of my favorites for a treat on your legs you probably won’t forget.I enjoy the snap of the extra definition, contrast and shape.Accentuating the finer points, and brushing over the blemishes.As a longtime lover/wearer of pantyhose, I’ve noticed around the web, especially those in the USA, that the preferred taste is somewhat limited.I’m sure many crossdressers and pantyhose enthusiasts still would rather travel to their nearest supermarket and pick out a pair along with their groceries.

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