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Let’s say you have sent a meeting invitation via Outlook to many people, and you have been making the meeting schedule and recording the planning process in the meeting.Now you need to send the panning process to your manager only, how could you do?Open Make sure the Default time zone for new events is matching your local time zone.Read the Microsoft Knowledge Base article on How time zone normalization works in Microsoft Outlook​ for more information.The updates will automatically change the meeting scheduled in their calendars.If you don't want to edit the registry and are more comfortable using a macro, you can install Redemption Developer version and use the following macro. It will be sent only to that person and nobody else.

Step 4: Now you get back to the Meeting window, click the Send Update button.Public Sub change Acct Name() Dim session Dim old Name As String Dim new Name As String old Name = "Diane" new Name = "Outlook MVP" Set session = Create Object("Redemption. Use these steps to change the POP3 or IMAP account name that is shown on the File, Account Settings, E-mail tab and in the From field when you are composing a message.Deletegates would need to login to OWA with their credentials and then open the Resource mailbox as described in this article and change the timezone following the instructions above.In Mac OS/Outlook 2011/2016 for Mac: Click on the system time.

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