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Fran and I are having all the (hers) family (local) to our house on Sunday, about 30 in total, four more are out of state, but we do a similiar deal, but based on Greek tradition. Any of you that have met ISH have actually met an actor that I hired to play me.....again I'm sorry if he insulted you but I got what I paid for.Adults do a Yankee Present exchange, kids all give to other kids, we do a Turkey and a ham, and greek stuffing, greek baked potatoes, some yukky stuff made with mashed potatos and caviar, stuffed grape leaves, lots of ouzo, lots of snacks and then the sweets, honey cookies, baklava, apricot sweets, and stuff, then I try to find a couch no one is sitting on so I can lay down and undo my belt, and nap. The weather was great and the rain on Wednesday was almost a welcome relief! As for "I think it's really up to the Park Service whether it's going to follow the law as stated by the judge."Does anybody believe DOW will really leave it up to the Park Service? Renee - Thats exactly why I've fabricated the entire persona all of you have come to know is ISH. Anyway I'm glad I had the chance to get that off my chest.But proprietor David Hunt said that his well-lit store is meant to serve the Outer Banks wedding and couple’s market, and he has taken care to be tasteful and discreet.“A lot of people come down here for a romantic getaway,” he said. After explaining the local law, Heard said, Hunt willingly removed the offending items.Products similar to what can be purchased at local pharmacies, including lotions, oils and various battery-operated massagers, were deemed permissible.I've also been out on the point in Jan and Feb when there was snow blowing across the sand.was pretty cool.

It gets chilly with the wind blowing and the surf is pretty rugged, but fishing is good.

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“You can’t say, ‘No you can’t do that in this town. So there are ways it can be restricted.”Hunt said that customers have been all stripes, ranging from older married couples looking to spice things up to young dating singles to couples about to be married, as well as members of wedding parties looking for silly party favors.“We haven’t had any real negative comments from people coming in here and saying ‘You’re going to go to hell,’ ” he said.

Hunt, operator of Leather & Lace stores in Chesapeake and Norfolk, said he saw opportunity in the Outer Banks bridal market, but with less edgy, more couples-friendly merchandise.

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