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Recently, a lot of otome games receive an anime adaption, and they gained a lot of popularity.The concept remains the same as for the otome games: a girl surrounded by handsome guys – and possibly a romance.The word “otome” means “maiden” in Japanese, and it's frequently used to describe those visual novel games intended for a female audience.The main concept in an otome game is a girl surrounded by handsome guys who try to win her attention; the girl has to choose one of them, and live a wonderful romance leading to a happy ending, or one leading to a bad ending.However, otome anime aren't necessarily based on otome games: some of them come from manga, and some of them are original works keeping the main concept of the otome games–they can be called reverse-harem shows–as well.

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She is very strong, and helps the rest of the team, instead of waiting to be rescued.Each of them has feelings for her, but they will have to struggle as Ritsuka has to deal with vampires and devils who think she knows where the “Grimoire” is.In her vague memories of the past, Cardia Beckford can recall her father Isaac, and the house where she was holed up alone, feared as a monster by the other people.With her power, she has a duty: to keep the otherworldly creatures sealed away.Even skeptic about the entire story, Tamki gets five beautiful men following her and acting as her guardians; eventually, she will accept her role, and begin a perilous path.

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