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Franklin Veaux, an ex-partner of Cherie, says he, too, is hardwired to be a polyamorist.

"Why does the princess or the prince who lives in a castle have to choose? "There is enough room for everyone." He keeps in touch with Cherie through instant messaging, although they are not romantically linked right now.

Now, the term polyamory or "poly" is viewed as the hipper term, with numerous web sites offering chat rooms, bulletin boards, and personal ads.

One even posts a glossary of poly terms, explaining that relationships can be triads (three people), vees (in which one person has two lovers who aren't involved with each other), quads (four), extended networks, and other arrangements.

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"We might order Chinese and then play Scrabble after dinner," Block says. She simply couldn't get everything she needed -- sexually, physically, or emotionally -- from just her husband.

He sometimes has had to assure partners that his interest in others does not mean his interest in them has changed or waned. Because of that, it means my partners can never be replaced." Things can also get dicey when a partner considered "secondary" wants to become a primary, Veaux says.

"I've also had my own feelings of envy and jealousy," he says, "particularly when I feel that a partner is giving more time and energy to another than they are to me." "Where it becomes threatening is when [partners] think love implies exclusivity," says Veaux. That is, if you love two, each gets half of the love. Sometimes Veaux invites most of his partners -- and their partners -- to go out socially.

Before the road trip, Cherie had three boyfriends at once.

Right now, she and Chris are monogamous, she says, but they plan to pursue other relationships again.

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