Online dating guys disappear

Rosalind Sedacca, a relationship coach and dating mentor, said, “Anonymity does strange things to people.

It gives them the feeling they are not accountable for their behavior and entitles them to be rude, crude and callous in their online communication.

The player tends to prefer a date who gets what their game is; otherwise it all gets a bit messy.It seems to be an offshoot of the digital world in which we live, where people feel as if they can hide behind a computer screen and not be responsible for the things they say.It has begun to extend into people’s personal lives, where they still feel a disconnect and a lack of responsibility to treat the people they meet online as real human beings.Justin Lavelle, communications director at Been Verified, shared what he says are three common reasons for the disappearing act: He Likes You But Just Isn’t That Into You.One of the most common reasons a person poofs is because they aren’t into you enough to continue pursuing a relationship.

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