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The #2 was only produced for three months in 1959-1960.Both will likely be faded to a whitish color, or possibly even a ghostly green, because the vinyl Mattel used fades over time.Note: The amounts posted do not include values for rare versions of the dolls.If you'd like to be notified of sales list updates, please use the contact page to send me your email address.Heavy solid body that smells of crayons, faded flesh tone, small neck knob.Possible indented lines (mold marks) on hips (photo on #3 Barbie). Red nails.1959 Box (Gay Parisienne fashion bottom-right) 1959 Barbie Fashion Booklet Black Pedestal Stand (#1 stand has prongs/#2 stand has a t-wire)Black & White Zebra-Striped Swimsuit Black Mules (open-toe shoes)Gold Hoop Earrings White Sunglasses The third-issued Ponytail had more lifelike eyes and eyebrows.Every date gets fucked up because they need 50 answers and im not writing any of this shit down either, so how am I supposed to remember this?

Very few Ponytails have the original top and bottom bands because the rubber bands disintegrate, so a professional restyle is common.

There was also a rare "Brownette" Ken produced in 1961. 1961 Ken Box (graphic with Black Striped Trunks, bottom-right) 1961 Barbie & Ken Fashion Booklet Black Wire Stand Red Cork Sandals Red Trunks (red knit, red cotton, or red cotton with white stripes) Red & White Striped Cabana Jacket Yellow Terrycloth Towel (optional Red Towel with Brownette Ken) Mattel Ken Wrist Tag The 2018 Vintage Barbie doll values listed on this page are meant to give someone new to Vintage Barbie collecting an approximate idea of value.

Values vary wildly depending on the condition of the doll and the conditions of the sale.

Examples: Barbie's hair may be missing the original hair bands and be out of the original style but there are no haircuts or a lot of missing plugs.

Ken may have a few hair rubs, but he is not bald or missing large amounts of flocking.

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