Online dating for canadians

In the dog-eat-dog world of online dating, the theory that someone can be out of your league is now scientifically proven.That's one of the main findings of a new study published yesterday in Science Advances.Still, it pays to message a lot of people on dating sites because only 21 per cent of messages receive a response.They also found that it's more common for men to approach someone deemed to have a higher desirability ranking.So senders who are more desirable themselves pushed up the desirability of the receivers to a greater extent than senders who are less desirable.Looking at users' age, ethnicity and education, the study found white, middle-aged and well-educated men were the most desirable.

Looks weren't included in the criteria, as the team of researchers didn't have access to the online dating profile photos.

Women were the most desirable at their youngest (18 being the minimum age for these sites) and when college educated. While the results may be surprising, Bruch warns against taking these results out of context.

"When we talk about cornering the market in online dating, who corners the market is really dependent on who's in the population and this online dating population is predominantly white users," she said.

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