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Pogey bait is all that yummy junk food like chips, cookies, candy, or whatever it takes to bribe POGs on deployment to get you the shit you need to make your life easier.Trading a candy bar for that shiny new gear is far more acceptable than bringing nothing to the salty old Supply Sergeant and ending up with something that has been in use since the Revolutionary War.Those brilliant little , perfectly roasted, meaty nut morsels coated in cinnamon, sugar, and a hint of vanilla that simply melts in your mouth.Our original Pogey Bait (cinnamon almonds) and our Texan Pogey Bait (candied cinnamon pecans).The point is, some things just scream military, and we must play to our strengths, so military/lowbrow humor naming conventions it is. Pogey is a derivative of the acronym POG, which stands for “Person Other Than Grunt.” It has additionally been broken out as “Permanently On Garrison” and “Person Of Greater Use Elsewhere.” POG itself started life as “pogue,” and had a slightly different meaning.

You know they’ll do anything to get you to empty some of that Pogey Bait from their nut sack.

Quit waiting around wondering if you should hit that buy button.

In 1929, my grandfather, Poppy Sol, started The Newark Nut Company in Newark, NJ. The Internet was really taking off and, as I was sitting in my freshman dorm, I wondered if people would actually be willing to buy nuts online. But I continued to debate the transition to for days on end with my wife, my relatives, my friends…Nuts is my baby and our customers love us.

Pogey bait also just happens to be a nice little taste of home to get you through the soul-crushing tedium of deployment.

If life must be a perpetual Groundhog Day, at least have some pogey bait to bring a small amount of joy to the monotony of your time away.

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