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Every letter I type sends a blast of white-hot pain up my arm and into my head and FUCK OUCH DAMN IT CHRIST!

Sell it to him as something that relieves him of the burden of having to do this stuff---kink---with you and/or feeling bad about not doing this stuff with you. When we got together, she would hurt me (TT, CBT, flogging) before fucking him.

The wife asked if I wanted to play alone sometime, and I said yes.

I suppose I'm what you'd call a "lipstick lesbian." In any event, I like being thrown around, tied up, gagged, et cetera.

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Your best strategy is to be out about your kinks from the start, so that you don't waste any more of your time and vanity-inducing hotness on women who won't tie your ass up. In a similar conundrum, a woman wants to watch two guys doing it. But I always back out, because I don't want to risk my family or my husband's happiness. My problem is, all I can think about is getting fucked by some stranger with no strings attached so I can get rid of this heartbreak, for lack of a better word.So if you want to get tied up, pegged and bossed around while you're at college, NSWIW, you need to be paradoxically assertive about your submissive tendencies.You may have to ask four or five girls, or a dozen, before you hit the jackpot (before you ask a dominant girl), but you will have to take the lead.

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