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, Erica Werner, John Wagner and Mike De Bonis​, Jan. In a sign of how difficult it may be for lawmakers to strike a bipartisan compromise that President Trump can support to avert another government shutdown next month, Democrats dismissed his insistence on physical barriers on the border. Triggering the president’s rage was an annual congressional hearing on global security threats, a routine event at which intelligence agency heads testified that Iran, while still a global menace, is complying with an international agreement to suspend its development of nuclear weapons. Be careful of Iran.” Washington Post, , Bill Palmer, Jan. Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer has had enough. President Trump lashed out at the government’s most senior intelligence leaders Wednesday, his latest assault on the spies and analysts who work for him but sometimes deliver facts that he doesn’t want to hear. There [sic] economy is now crashing, which is the only thing holding them back. Donald Trump didn’t like the truthful answers that his own handpicked people gave, so on Wednesday morning he viciously ripped into them on Twitter, undermining the entire intel community in the process, and coming across like a mentally unstable person.Perhaps the biggest unresolved question hanging over the whole thing is this: What exactly is an “emolument”? Cunningham at Georgia State University and Jesse Egbert of Northern Arizona University uses a scientific method called “corpus linguistics” that combines traditional linguistics with large sets of data, in the form of contemporary written texts.Studying 138 million words written between 17, the researchers found more than 2,500 uses of “emolument” or “emoluments.” s, Karoun Demirjian, Jan. A planned Senate Judiciary Committee vote on William P.

(We found more than a dozen examples.) Washington Post, ,’ Michael Brice-Saddler, Jan. Chris Christie shreds Kushner’s dad for ‘disgusting’ crimes.During the call, Guaidó “noted the importance of the large protests across Venezuela against former dictator [Nicolás] Maduro, set to occur today and Saturday,” she words written on it: “5,000 troops to Colombia.” The approach has not been without criticism. “Chest-thumping declarations that melt away over time weaken American power and credibility.In Venezuela, if the armed forces continue to back Maduro, then last week’s move may come to look feckless, while offering Maduro the opportunity to rally his domestic and foreign backers against U. intervention,” Murphy and Rhodes wrote in the Washington Post.The former governor did not mince words while discussing the case Tuesday: “Mr. ” Washington Post, , Felicia Sonmez and Vanessa Williams, Jan. Democrats have tapped Georgia’s Stacey Abrams to deliver the response to President Trump’s State of the Union address, Senate Minority Leader Charles E. Abrams (shown at right in a campaign ad) narrowly lost the state’s race for governor in November after a lengthy dispute over blocked votes.She will address the nation in a prime-time speech shortly after Trump finishes his address to a joint session of Congress next Tuesday night. Ten adults took advantage of at least 16 students at the Key School in Annapolis, an investigation found.

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