Niall horan and demi lovato dating tumblr latex dating stories

Niall Horan and selena Gómez aré not dating,why arent they?

Because we al know that Selena wants justin back and if Niall and selena were dating Justin Bieber Would of got mad at Niall Horan because Niall and justin aré best friends.

He gets closer to you and your lips touch and he finaly kisses you.

That kiss was passionate and perfect and everything.

So you ended it to not have to face that he might end up with another girl or meet someone on tour." Zayn explains.-"We are locking you two in your bedroom and you will not come out until you say the truth! The door shuts behind you and Niall and you hear then putting things in front of your door-"I love you Grace and I told you, you ARE my princess. I was scared to loose you so I ended it before I lost you for real.

I said it to you and a few months later you broke up with me! I was so mad at you but at the same time I was not. I know it makes no sense at all but in some wierd way it does."-"I miss you too!

The leaving and coming it was killing you so you ended things with him and it left you both heartbroken.You get your shoes on and walk downstairs to the front doors of the appartement building.A few minutes laters you see a struggling blond haired guy trying to make his way thru the paparazzi.It had ben a year that you and Niall had ended things and there had ben rhumors that he was dating Demi Lovato.Even tough it had ben a year you still loved him with all your heart. One night you got a call from Zayn.-"Humm sure...." You ask kind of confused.

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