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is a movement which developed in the United States in the 19th century, considered by many to have been derived from the unpublished writings of Phineas Quimby.There are numerous smaller groups, most of which are incorporated in the International New Thought Alliance.Its founder, Mary Baker Eddy, was a student and patient of Quimby's but she later disavowed his influence on her Christian Science...the sake of having a brief designation, I will give the title of the "Mind-cure movement." There are various sects of this "New Thought," to use another of the names by which it calls itself; but their agreements are so profound that their differences may be neglected for my present purpose, and I will treat the movement, without apology, as if it were a simple thing.

New Thought adherents believe that sickness is the result of the failure to realize this truth.The Home of Truth has, from its inception as the Pacific Coast Metaphysical Bureau in the 1880s, under the leadership of Annie Rix Militz, disseminated the teachings of the Hindu teacher Swami Vivekananda. Goldsmith's The Infinite Way incorporates teaching from Christian Science, as well.Divine Science, Unity Church, and Religious Science are organizations that developed from the New Thought movement.The 1915 International New Thought Alliance (INTA) conference – held in conjunction with the Panama-Pacific International Exposition, a world's fair that took place in San Francisco – featured New Thought speakers from far and wide.The PPIE organizers were so favorably impressed by the INTA convention that they declared a special "New Thought Day" at the fair and struck a commemorative bronze medal for the occasion, which was presented to the INTA delegates, led by Annie Rix Militz.

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