My sister is dating my ex husband

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My personal opinion of someone who would date their siblings’s ex-spouse is not high.

YTA - I was leaning towards NAH but after re-reading it seems like you've got a lot of hard feelings towards your brother.

This is one of those situations that happen frequently on tv but you could never imagine it happening to you. She divorced my 30 year old brother a year ago after four years of a dysfunctional marriage.

I have been dating my ex sister in law for five months now. I knew her throughout that entire time, and we never crossed any lines since im not a cheater and neither is she. She and myself have similar outlooks on life, we share the same politics and humor, we know almost everything about one another.

Some people do have tic disorders without having Tourette Syndrome. Now a thriving 5th grader, Starla's Faith continues to inspire everyone she meets. This week featured a lot of great talent, strawberry fields (forever), push-ups cause military and a throwback to a beautiful Wish. @Jamiegraceh ALSO since recording I made a decision.

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Right or wrong, it’s not only going to be the brother: the whole family is going to be talking about this and have opinions on it.

She and my brother were not compatible to say the least.

My family comes from a small southern background and my brother hates that part of himself and thinks hes "above that".

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