My boyfriend have been dating 8 years

I joked about this a few weeks ago and he said " I'd say no! And with every holiday and special occasion that passes, I found myself feeling like I'm not good enough. And every time a couple of our friends get engaged (after much less time together than us) I feel a little hurt and angry before I can feel happy for them.I worry that I'm actually starting to resent him.You're not willing to wait any longer, the time has come. As of today, we’re both atheists, so marriage isn’t important for that aspect. Then it was a case of money and not just for the ring either weddings are expensive. We're perfectly content with where we are...drop 10k (or more) on a wedding just cause society wants us too?

At 27 years old, you should be able to have a mature, adult conversation.(Even though I've told him I find this very hurtful).We always had a long running joke that if he didn't propose before our tenth anniversary I would propose to him.Tell him that you want to be married, and what the timeline looks like for you, and ask him what it looks like for him. You don’t have to rush to get married, wait it out and tell him you’re okay with a long engagement (if you are).And I totally understand why you'd want marriage. If you really love someone you would want to make sure they are secured and protected in the event of something happening to you. It took my husband 9 years to propose and we waited 3 years to get married.

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