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I like sex and there wasn't often a shortage of it in our lives.

But i was grossed out by oral (both ways) and felt very dirty for wanting anything to do with butt play, dirty talk, etc.

He's a very gentle, passive individual so never pushed me beyond my comfort zone.

I still don't watch porn (maybe someday, for now my books are plenty) but i now own a vibrator and OH MY GOD why didn't i do that earlier?? Since then i've read a few hundred romance books, sampling from BDSM, Menage, LGBT , paranormal, etc etc etc.

I'm more comfortable in my own skin than i have been in forever, and the sex has multiplied in both quality and quantity.

Some is just soft sweet missionary, and some is just creative and wild and I don't know if i ever would have tried any of it without the mind-opening power of good (well... This wasn’t exactly during sex, but the other night while I was grinding on my boyfriend’s lap, he pulled back from kissing me to tell me how much he loved my body, and then paused for a moment and said “You know I love the rest of you too, right? That might have ruined the moment for someone else, but for me it just made it better in so many ways.

I suddenly developed a desire for both giving and receiving, and have learned all sorts of new techniques!

I now love being worshiped and giving it right back.

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