Meta dll updating

If anybody has any advice on how to fix this, or any other things I could check for I'd be very grateful.hi, i think you have to do this way first of remove all refernce of the project B assambly from the project A, then right click on the project B click on the property of the project B.Once I did that I had to delete any .dll's that referenced those .dll's, recompile and then the proper reference was updated.In other words, it forced it to make a new since all the old ones were purged from the bin folders.Its a thin wrapper/frontend around with an easy and intuitive MQL4 API.All you need is a working installation of R ( on your trading PC and the two files (mt4and mt4R.mqh) installed in their appropriate MT4 folders.Now you can bulid your project so whenever you bulid yout project B your B Project's dll copy to the Project A's bin folder.

The DLL is written in Free Pascal (using the Lazarus IDE).

However, the date modified for the dll and pdb file in A are not updated when project A is built.

However, updating the assembly reference in A will change the date modified of the .refresh file, but not of the dll or

I'd rather get it working using a reference from A if possible.

Update reference (the reference is set to Auto Update, so I shouldn't need to). I've also tried removing the reference completely and re-adding it. Rebuilding the solution doesn't fix the problem either.

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