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Then in May 2019, the former video vixen opened about the depression she was continually battling as a result of the almost fatal accident.Hip Hop has perhaps been one of the most popular genres of music that has existed for decades and still has a very strong hold on the present society.Till date, she has neither married with a husband nor had an affair.Canadian hip hop model Melyssa's luck was on her side as she survived a near-fatal car accident in July 2018.Making the long story short, Melyssa develops solid chemistry with her date, Jay.

Then she also was in a brief relationship with songwriter Bryan Michael Cox, actor Tyrese Gibson and Football player Kerry Rhodes in 2007.

Unfortunately, at the end of the show, Jay learned that Melyssa wouldn't come back for a second date and that she had found another fling in New York.

The Hollywood Unclocked Uncencord co-host (alongside Jason Lee and Giovani Watson) on, Melyssa has tweeted about her loving boyfriends in the past, including New York City, her fav shoes, and her first boyfriend: a chihuahua.

But given she has been vocal about her life to the public, the latter seems unlikely.

Confirming her singlehood in February 2019, she didn't pen a specific message to anyone for Valentine's Day.

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