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To Barbadian Sprinter called, she married From the calendar year 2007. Them both got married from the calendar year 1998 to the 3rd of October.

She started preparing for Sydney Olympics the moment.

He attended matches to encourage his spouse although her husband also to stay off from a trainer.

As a result of knee accident, he wasn’unable to tutor her.

After winning further statewide sprint titles, she accepted a full scholarship to the University of North Carolina in basketball, where she helped the team win the NCAA championship in her freshman year.

Jones "red shirted" her 1996 basketball season to concentrate on track.

Her ex-husband Hunter, an Olympic shot-putter and confessed steroid user, testified under oath that he had seen her inject drugs into her stomach in the Olympic Village in Sydney, which implicated baseball player Barry Bonds, sprinters Tim Montgomery, Chryste Gaines, Kelli White, and others, many of whom admitted to using illegal drugs while competing.

Jones vehemently denied using performance-enhancing drugs until her confession in 2007.

Up the contract was signed by her following Phoenix Mercury into Tulsa Shock.

Because he’d medication charges her husband wasn’t permitted to be involved in any process of Sydney Olympics. She started communicating when she had been within her university.

Down the road, he explained yelling he didn’t require any medication. She also gave birth to Tim from the calendar year 2003 who had been her boyfriend’s boy. He resigned from his position because he banned the legislation created for student and teacher dating.

At the 1999 World Championships, Jones attempted to win four titles, but injured herself in the 200 m after a gold in the 100 m and a long jump bronze.

At the Sydney Olympics Jones finished with three gold medals (100 metre sprint, 200 metre sprint and 4×400 relay) and two bronze medals (long jump and 4×100 relay), however she was later stripped of these medals after admitting that she had used performance-enhancing drugs.

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