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Creditors can also apply to wind-up an insolvent company up through compulsory liquidation.

Find out how creditors apply for compulsory liquidation.

Contact us We offer Application Programming Interfaces (APIs), and a mobile application that lets you search Australian and New Zealand companies at the same time.

These can help to streamline your business activities.

Find out how New Zealand law affects the directors and shareholders of your company, and your responsibility to create and maintain accurate company records, report to us and file financial statements.

Before they can carry out some business activities, companies incorporated in other countries, including Australia, must register with the Companies Office and then keep their company details up to date.

This publication is available at https://uk/government/publications/guide-to-liquidation-winding-up-for-directors/guide-to-liquidation-winding-up-for-directors Liquidation legally ends or ‘winds up’ a limited company or partnership.

(There is a different guide if you want to wind-up a partnership).

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Where we have identified any third party copyright information you will need to obtain permission from the copyright holders concerned.

This register is part of the New Zealand Companies Register and you can search for specific overseas companies using that search.

You can only find all the companies on the Overseas Register or filter search results to show only overseas companies by doing an advanced search of the Companies Register.

If your company is liquidated because it’s insolvent, you will need to cooperate with the liquidator and follow certain rules.

If the company has been dissolved you will need to restore the company before applying for liquidation If you’re a director of a company that has gone into insolvent liquidation, you’ll be banned for 5 years from forming, managing or promoting any business (including companies) with the same or similar name to your liquidated company.

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