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Ala Hamami, 17, wearing a black robe and head scarf, said she looks up to Noor because she is independent.“This series gives strength to women in the future,” said Hamami, although she was set on a very traditional path – she had just gotten engaged in an arranged match.The characters in “Noor” observe the Muslim fasting month of Ramadan, and Mohannad and Noor were married in a match arranged by his grandfather.But it also upholds secular liberties: Protagonists have a drink with dinner and sex outside marriage.But it’s not just the striking good looks of Mohannad, hero of the hugely popular Turkish TV soap “Noor,” that appeal to female viewers.

“I told my husband, ‘learn from him (Mohannad) how he treats her, how he loves her, how he cares about her,” said Heba Hamdan, 24, a housewife visiting the West Bank from Amman, Jordan.The show’s Turkish producer, Kemal Uzun, added: “We are a little more open, not as conservative as some of these countries, and I think this might have some appeal for the audience.” Even though some of the racier scenes are sanitized for Arab consumption, clerics have been sermonizing against “Noor.” ”This series collides with our Islamic religion, values and traditions,” warned Hamed Bitawi, a lawmaker of the Islamic militant Hamas and preacher in the West Bank city of Nablus.But the purists seem powerless to halt the “Noor” craze.You can make friends online or meet a Desi girl looking for love.Look no further, we have created the perfect Desi chatroom where you can meet and mingle with hot Indian girls from India and all over the world.

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    Both men are aware that I do not bind myself to traditional commitments. I am of the understanding that: Sex and Love are two separate yet equal animals… You may think you are really in love, but that's what I thought when I met my daughters father when I was 16. If you have been convicted of a crime and it is still on your criminal record, then you must disclose it, as they will find out anyway. Keep in mind, even if he does know you mean it, just leave and don't stay. If he has this or something else, then he can't really help it, but it's still not healthy for you or him.