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Tell us a little bit about yourself and what type of knives you collect.This is an awesome forum and I hope to see you posting on a regular basis.Btw, with little metal polish, you can make the bolsters look like gold.It's funny, the very first knife I ever bought was a stiletto,some Japanese imitation switchblade thing.The harder to get a collectable is, the more collectable it is (not to mention rewarding).I just don't think I would love my latest piece nearly as much if I had gotten it at Wal-Mart with a gallon of milk and new socks.

Knowing the government there are probably more restrictions that I don't know about as well! Unfortunately, automatic knives are banned in Australia.

It has a wood handle, it's not an exotic wood, it's less expensive than natural materials like horn or antler. Someone who may need to complete a set of knives may pay more than it's worth like 200.

or someone entering the knife collection market may over pay too due to inexperience. When you have a chance please introduce yourself to the forum.

Hear I am 25 odd years later and looking at stilettos again! We all were in love from a young age and spent so long trying to get a switchblade.

Now that we are older and have some money, we just want more and more.

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