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Everyone stood and the organist started to play the wedding march.Conner smiled as Kira and Tommy walked down the aisle toward him.""Well, from these scans, the first baby seems to be developing just fine…""What! "Here you can see your second baby…""Just how many am I having," asked Kira."Just the two… He walked down the ice cream aisle and saw a familiar face. She's been in kind of a bad mood ever since the doctor put her on bed rest. Of course I love you…""Hello…" said Tommy, "I'm all most done. Cassidy and Krista were doing some finishing touches on Kira's hair and make-up when Kimberly came in with Kira's bouquet.But, the doctor is letting her get out of bed for the wedding.""That's good to here…" Just then both of the men's cell phones rang."Hello…" said Conner, "yes… I was just heading to the checkout when I bumped into your Uncle Tommy… Cassidy and Krista's bridesmaids dresses were both yellow, sleeveless with 2 inch straps across each shoulder, and reached to their ankles.These services are expensive, and they are not provided by other online suppliers, so we offer a limited price matching service.Follow this link to see our complete return policy.

Kim smiled and rolled her eyes, as the door knocked, she opened the door and saw her husband, "Everyone is ready, is she? Kira winced a little, she had been have contractions all morning but she didn't tell anyone because she was sure she could get through the wedding before they needed to go to the hospital." said Tommy."Yeah…" said Kira, "I'm not sure how to say this… I'm pregnant."Looks of shock crossed the faces of Kira's aunt and uncle, & Conner's parents. " asked Kim."From the best we can figure," said Conner, "It was the night of your and Dr. since that has been the only time we've made love.""What are you guys going to do about college?" asked John."Well," said Kira, "I'll start this next semester then after the baby is born… July 12th, 2005Conner arrived home and found his fiancée sitting in the swing, on the back porch, playing her guitar. Tommy and Kim got out of the Jeep and walked over to them."John… I'm starved." Everyone laughed and headed inside.-----------After dinner, the six of them walked into the living room.He smiled, walked over to her and kissed her, "Hi…""Hi…""How did everything go at the doctor's? I don't have the stomach flu…""That's good…""I'm pregnant…"Conner's eyes widened, "What? Sarah…" said Kim, "It's good to see you…""Likewise…" said Sarah, "Conner tells us that congratulations are in order for you two…"Tommy put his arm around Kimberly's shoulders and said, "Yes, we've been looking forward to this for a long time."Kim looked up at her husband and smiled. "That was a great meal, you two…" said Tommy."Thank you," said Kira, "I'm glad you all enjoyed it.""It was excellent," said Sarah, "I never knew my son could be such a fabulous cook.""Well…

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