Josh hutcherson and taylor swift dating

I bought this former mobile brothel from one of the oldest pimps in Nevada.

Maybe she was just rehearsing for next year’s Oscars where she’ll walk onto the stage, slip on a banana peel and grab onto the velvet drapes which will bring the entire roof down. But if a regular showed up to their job in pajamas, they’d be called “ and security would escort them out of the building.And here I go finding out that they have bumper cars, aka a drunk fool’s favorite carnival ride. Here’s more of Nina hanging out with Josh Hutcherson (okay sure? The reigning queen of Coachella, Vanessa Hudgens, better watch out, because Nina is one large silver ring away from stealing her crown.Because Adele is GOD and can do whatever she wants (or so my Adele-obsessed friends tell me), Adele decided to promote her latest album of future chart slayers by going undercover as an Adele impersonator to prank some of her fans for a BBC Music special with Graham Norton yesterday. Looks like we can go ahead and stamp SOLVED on this mystery.I mean, why didn’t I know that they had bumper cars at Coachella? All this time I’ve been turning up my nose at Coachella, like it was a Kardashian’s sweat-soaked butt pad.

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