Joe scarborough dating

Inside Prohibition, a dive bar self-consciously dressed up in 20s-themed kitsch, the condensation was dripping from wine glasses; the smell of beer mixed with nervous energy amid a din of high-pitched chatter.A hundred or so people crowded around a stage in the middle of the bar.Scarborough, who has known Donald Trump for years, was among the first in the media to presage his mind-boggling rise—and one of the most consequential conservatives to rebuke him.But this evening was not intended as political theater. ”Brzezinski hopped onstage and absorbed some gentle ribbing from Scarborough, who teased her by asking if she was a Republican. “I don’t like when he talks too much, but he sings great,” she said before reclaiming her seat in the booth.“Now this is a special night,” he told the audience. Brzezinski, in running gear and her TV makeup from earlier that morning, had tagged along, dropping him off before she headed out for a run.Scarborough talks music as easily as he does politics.

“They’ve kind of said what Tom Brokaw did when he first saw me [on television], when I was doing the slot before Imus,” he explained.“When I was in Congress, there were about 10 or 11 of us who were holdouts, who didn’t want to send troops to Bosnia.We were in this room with the president, the vice president, the secretary of state, the secretary of you name it. It just wasn’t what I valued,” he said, evincing a dry humor that seemed designed to amplify his inner musician.The players—a group of talented, scruffy-looking guys in jeans—formed a constellation around Scarborough not unlike Willie Geist, Mike Barnicle, and Donny Deutsch do on-air every morning.They all had something to add, but mostly, they existed to orbit Scarborough, who has arguably become the most influential Republican in America during this election season.

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